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Reliable, affordable, and professional services and staff that will help you make the best decision for your heating and cooling needs. Contact us for all your HVAC needs! 
J-Mart Services is located in Temple, TX.
We service Bell county and surrounding areas.


"Huummmmm....That is the sound of peace of mind and comfort as my A/C system kicks on for the first time in a long time. I had been told I needed an entirely new system by the last two HVAC companies I hired. I was impressed by J-Mart Services knowledge and honesty regaring the repairs needed to get my system up and running. James fixed my air conditioner for a more than fair price, saving me hundreds compared to the quote I got from a local air conditioning company!"     

Linda V. 
Rogers, TX

"I am a Real-Estate agent and I now own rent houses across Bell county.  I have found it difficult to find service providers (in general)that are honest, knowledgeable, and that warranty all work done. James at J-Mart Services is just that. J-Mart Services is the only a A/C company that I trust to take care of my home and rental house heating and cooling needs.

-Bev D.
Rogers, TX

"James installed a new central heating and a/c unit in our home. He is conscientious and thorough and provided excellent service. We are completely satisified with a job well done." John & Victoria T., Belton, TXJames installed a new central heating and a/c unit in our home. He is conscientious and thorough and provided excellent service. We are completely satisified with a job well done." 
John & Victoria T.
 Belton, TX
Alert: Dirty air filters can...

1 - Reduce air flow in the home/building

2 - Cause dirt to accumulate on the fan blades, wasting your energy dollars

3 - Cause excessive dirt build-up inside the duct system, leading to mold or allergen problems in a home/building.

4 - Block the cooling coil itself with dirt, reducing system effectiveness and possibly leading to costly repairs

5 - Lead to frost build-up on the cooling coil and reduced or totally blocked air flow in the system

6 - Eventually permit dirt to bypass the filter where it soils and blocks the blower fan itself, leading to more costly repairs and premature replacement of unit

Knowledge means savings.....Tip of the day from the A/C Guy:

Tip 1
Remember to check or change your a/c filter once a week, especially during high-use months (summer and winter) when the unit is running the most. Not changing your filter allows dirt and dust to build up and slow down your unit by making it work harder than necessary. Not to mention, the airborne dirt and dust could be the cause of allergies. 

Tip 2
Simply rinsing out your outside unit by spraying upward in through the vents can be very helpful to your unit. Doing this loosens build up such as leaves, bugs, and dirt that slow your unit down.

J-Mart Services is regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation P.O. Box 12157 Austin, TX 78711 (800) 803-9202

Air Conditioning units are the most expensive appliances we own but so easily ignored!

Lack of basic maintenance of your unit can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in costly and unnecessary repairs, replacements, and high  utility bills. What if I told you these unfavorable circumstances could be completely PREVENTABLE! As much as our experienced technicians at J-Mart Services value your business, we would rather help you save your hard-earned money by checking out  some valuable tips on de-stressing your unit; straight from an experienced A/C technician. However, if the inevitable happens  and you want the job done right THE FIRST TIME call J-Mart Services for all your heating and cooling needs.
J-Mart Services is famous for providing low cost preventative maintenance specials because we are always looking out for your best interest. 

Call today to have your unit evaluated for optimal efficiency. Call me and watch your energy bill drop as I prevent, maintain, tune,  and replace. Ask me about the newest and most effective energy saving options available such as radiant barriers.
Lets find out together how much your electric bill SHOULD or COULD be! 

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